Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00-11:00 Family
Martial Arts
16:30-17:15Kairon Ryu
(kids 5 to 7 years old)
Kairon Ryu
(kids 5 to 7 years old)
17:00-17:4517:20-18:05 Kairon Ryu kids
(Over 7 years old)
Kairon Ryu Kids
(All kids)
Kairon Ryu Kids
All kids
17:20-18:05 Kairon Ryu Kids
(Over 7 years old)
Light Sparring Kids
All ages
18:15-19:00Circuit TrainingPT AvailableGozafight
PT AvailableCircuit Training
19:15-20:15PT AvailableKairon Ryu
PT AvailablePT AvailableLight Sparring


Membership and Pay-as-you-go details

  1. Each year I will travel to Cuba for 4 weeks – 2 in the summer and 2 at Christmas – and the dojo will be closed at these times. The monthly membership prices reflect this i.e. members will be charged for 11 months spread over 12 months.
  2. Payments can be made in cash, cheque or by standing order. If you want to pay by standing order please contact Julio for account details.
  3. If more than one member of the same family signs up for one of the memberships then all family members will benefit from a £5 discount on the standard price.
  4. The adult membership includes use of the weights, the personal training treadmill and the punching bags.
  5. In addition to the classes I will be providing personal training sessions either on a 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 basis. These are available to members and non-members – members will receive a 20% discount on these sessions.
  6. I will also provide short courses for Ladies’ Self Defence and Bullyproof Bootcamps for kids. Details of these will be made available via regular newsletters.
  7. If you are interested in the Gold or Silver Membership Packages or in the body composition assessments please let Master Julio know.
Membership rates
Type Monthly cost Actual monthly payment
Family Membership Rates
TypeStandard Monthly cost£5 Family DiscountActual monthly payment

Pay As You Go Rates
TypeChildren (Non-Members)Adults (Non-Members)Members
Martial Arts Classes£5£6Included in membership
Gym Use£5Included in Adult membership
Fitness Classes£5.50Included in membership
Private lessons 1-2-1
(With Sensei)
£25£30£24 adults
£20 children
Private lessons 1-2-2
(With Sensei)
£20£25£20 adults
£15 children
Private lessons 1-2-1
(With Master)
£32£40£32 adults
£28 children
Private lessons 1-2-2
(With Master)
£28£32£28 adults
£20 children

Pay for 10 sessions in advance and get a 10 % discount     
TypeAgeMember (Pay as you go )Non-Member
(Pay as you go)
Member (Pay in advance)Non-Member
(Pay in Advance)
1-2-2 (With Sensei)Adult£200£250£180£225
1-2-2 (With Sensei)Child£150£200£135£180
1-2-2 (With Master)Adult£280£320£252£288
1-2-2 (With Master)Child£200£280£180£252
1-2-1 (With Sensei)
1-2-1 (With Sensei)Child£200£250£180£225
1-2-1 (With Master)Adult£320£400£288£360
1-2-1 (With Master)Child£280£320£252£288